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1736 - Fink of Me Enjoyin' Meself at Salcombe 2315 - It Dosen't Matter Wot You Wear I'll think You Look Just Fine! 886 - Auntie's Utility's Come Down To me!

Mabel Lucie Attwell, born in 1879, was married to Harold Earnshaw and began her career by illustrating children's books. Many of these illustrations were used for postcards. She was very much an observer of the times and reflected this in her art. Her cute children show many adult traits and thus ensured a wide appeal to the audiences of the times which spanned 40 years. Fashion, and the following of it, appears in many of her postcards. Many small girls have tried on Mother's clothes and experienced the anguish of the poor fit. Her post cards and book illustrations continue their popularity today and remind many of us of amusing moments in our childhoods.

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Valentine's "Mail Novelty" Postcard. Copyright
PC-MLA-0001 Picture 1629 - A Funny P.C. from Bognor Regis Corner fault p.u. Postmark 'BOGNOR REGIS 4.15PM 5 SEP 1933 SUSSEX' (vert) ~ SOLD B- 7.50
PC-MLA-0003 Picture 1695 - Rocking Me Cares Away at Jersey p.u. Postmark 'JERSEY 1.45PM 18 JLY 1948' ~ SOLD B- 7.50
PC-MLA-0004 Picture 1736 - Fink of Me Enjoyin' Meself at Salcombe p.u. dated 1935 (vert) ~ SOLD B 8.00
PC-MLA-0005 Picture 1862 - A Few snaps from Ilkley Warped p.u. Postmark 'ILKLEY 1-PM 29 JNE 1949 YORKSHIRE' (vert) B- 5.00
Valentine's Post Card
"Attwell" Series. Copyright Picture Series No. B
PC-MLA-0006 Picture Birthday Greetings.
To wish you a jolly good time and to say I'll be happy to welcome you here any day! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON W3 11.30PM 16 SEP 1927'
B 6.00
Valentines "Attwell" Series. Copyright Picture Set D
PC-MLA-0009 Picture Birthday Wishes.
I wish I could get a day off just to say, "Many returns of this red-letter day." p.u. Postmark 'NOTTING HILL W. 11 17 SEP 1928 (vert)
C+ 5.00
Valentines "Attwell" Series.
Copyright Picture
PC-MLA-0010 Picture A 593 It's yourself that I'm bringing Good Luck! p.u. Postmark 'BLACKBURN 4.45PM 13 SEP' (vert) B 6.00
PC-MLA-0012 Picture 808 - Yes! - Muvver can go to the pictures now! p.u. Postmark ' NEWMARKET 9.15PM 3 JA 26 SUFFOLK' C+ 6.00
PC-MLA-0014 Picture 955 - Too Shy for Words. Red hat shows part removal due to former adhesion  p.u. Postmark 'ACTON W3 11.30PM 30 JUN 1925' (vert) ~ SOLD D+ 4.00
PC-MLA-0016 Picture 1004 - Birthday Greetings.
I know that life has many a day
With shower and sunlight mingled
But let me hope this Birthday may
have happiness unshingled! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON W3 11.30PM 16 SEP 1926' (vert)
B+ 7.00
PC-MLA-0060 Picture 1287 I Suppose I'm an Ass, But I did think I should hear from You! ~ SOLD C+ 2.50
PC-MLA-0018 Picture 1300 - "Now Hair Is Worn Behind The Ears - I S'pose we'll have to wash 'em Dears"! p.u. Postmark 'EXMOUTH DEVON 3. --PM 15 SEP 28' ~ SOLD B+ 7.00
Valentine's "Attwell" Postcards. Copyright.
PC-MLA-0021 Picture 1803 - I've a Little Warm Corner For You! p.u. Postmark 'LEAMINGTON SPA 8-PM 22 MAY 1932' (vert) B- 4.00
PC-MLA-0022 Picture 1813 - Now - Don't Say I Never Send You a P.C. p.u. Postmark 'MARGATE KENT 10AM 3 AUG 1932' (vert) C+ 4.00
PC-MLA-0024 Picture 2038 - I Thank You For The Food I Eat - My Bread, An' Milk, An' Plummy Duff - But Could You As A Special Treat Go Easy with Boiled Rice and Stuff? p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 7.30PM 30 APR 1932 W.3.' (vert) B- 6.00
Valentine's "Attwell" Postcards. Copyright. 
Valentine & Sons, Ltd., Dundee and London
PC-MLA-0025 Picture Set N/4 - To Greet Your Birthday!
Three Happy Smiles And A Greeting True, For A Happy Birthday, Dear, To You! Some foxing ~ SOLD
B 5.00
PC-MLA-0026 Picture 1881 There's One Good Thing 'Bout Them Long Frocks We Shouldn't Have to Darn Our Socks p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 12.?5 PM 18 AUG 1931 W.3.' (vert) ~ SOLD C+ 4.00
PC-MLA-0027 Picture 2187 - The Next Time I Hike - I'll Bike! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 5-PM 25 AUG 1932 W.3.' B 7.00
PC-MLA-0028 Picture 2309 - Hopes You're Expecting Me! p.u. Postmark 'MARGATE 6-AM 11 AUG 1933 KENT' (vert) ~ SOLD B- 6.00
PC-MLA-0029 Picture 2310 - A Little Love Song - For You! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 11.00PM 16 SEP 1934 W.3.' (vert) C 3.00
PC-MLA-0030 Picture 2315 - It Dosen't Matter Wot You Wear I'll think You Look Just Fine! p.u. (vert) B- 8.00
All Genuine Attwell Postcards Have The Artist's Signature thus:- 
Copyright. Valentine & Sons, Ltd., Dundee And London.
PC-MLA-0033 Picture 886 - Auntie's Utility's Come Down To me! (vert) B+ 7.50
PC-MLA-0035 Picture 1159 - It's You wots my ol' cup of tea (vert) B- 7.50
PC-MLA-0036 Picture 1403 - This'll keep 'em quiet - for a BIT! p.u.  Stamp removed Postmark 'SOUTHPORT 5.30PM 18 ??? 1952 LANCS.' (vert) D 2.50
PC-MLA-0037 Picture 1539 - Mary Had A Little Lamb - "Little" - I Repeat It - "OO", Said Little Mary "D--! It Don't Take Long To Eat It" (vert) B+ 7.50
PC-MLA-0038 Picture 1544 - Wot if I gets to be Clever?
Et puis, pourquoi ne deviendrais-je pas "futée" un jour? (vert)
B 5.00
PC-MLA-0040 Picture 1664 - Every day - there seems to be Something wonderful to see! ~ SOLD
Chaque jour apporte une nouvelle merveille. (vert)
B+ 5.00
PC-MLA-0042 Picture 1862 - All the world is full of gladness - everywhere.
Le monde est plein de bonheur partout! (vert)
B- 5.00
PC-MLA-0044 Picture 3024 - "Diddums." p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 7.30PM 3 SEP 1935 W.3.' (vert) C+ 5.00
PC-MLA-0048 Picture 5059 - Looks like I need a new hair-do! (vert) B+ 5.00
PC-MLA-0049 Picture 5357 - Now I shall know if you loves me!
Maintenant je saurai si tu m'aimes. (vert)
B+ 5.00
PC-MLA-0050 Picture 5497 - Don't stay away too long! (vert) ~ SOLD B+ 6.00
PC-MLA-0051 Picture 5498 - "Meet 'Kinkie - one of God's chillun" Pin hole and stained p.u. Postmark ' SOUTHAMPTON 7.?? ?? 28 NOV 1958' (vert) D- 2.50
PC-MLA-0052 Picture 5645 - If things don't go on as we hoped - s'pose we can still go on hoping? p.u. (vert) C 2.50
PC-MLA-0053 Picture 5646 - "God's flower - for eager baby hands -" p.u. Postmark 'SOUTHAMPTON 7-PM 25 NOV 1958' (vert) C+ 2.50
PC-MLA-0054 Picture 5657 - With love - from me p.u. Postmark 'SOUTHAMPTON 6.15PM 1 OCT 1958' (vert) ~ SOLD B- 4.00
PC-MLA-0055 Picture 6030 - Le travail est un trésor!
"Nicer than mink I think - more cuddly" (vert)
B+ 5.00
PC-MLA-0056 Picture 6034 - Look who's here!
Qui voilà? L'oiseau bleu!!
B- 4.00
Valentines Attwell "Snookums" series. Copyright Picture.
by permission of Distributors of "Universal" pictures.
PC-MLA-0057 Picture 1274 - You may put a laddie where you want him - but - he doesn't always stay put! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 11.30PM 9 APR 1929 W.3.' ~ SOLD C 6.00
PC-MLA-0058 Picture 1304 - As fast as glue - I'll stick with you! p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 7.15PM 12 SEP 1929 W.3.' D 4.00
Series M.M. 173.
PC-MLA-0059 Picture I's Afraid p.u. Postmark 'ACTON 11.30PM 14 AUG 1929 W.3.' (vert) ~ SOLD B 9.00

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated. Subject Unsold. E&OE.

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