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Teddy Bears and Money Boxes

A Valentine Collection Golly 2000

Many of Rosalind's teddy designs feature letter boxes or some postal relevance, although in money box form. The bears and gollies add more interest and colour, especially the beanie bears.

Order No



RW-TB-005 TBAMB05 "Keep on Collecting" 1.00
RW-TB-006 TBAMB06 "A Colourful Collection" 1.00
RW-TB-007 TBAMB07 "Still Collecting" 1.00
RW-TB-008 TBAMB08 "Noddy and Friends Celebrate the Centenary of Enid Blyton's Birth" 1.00
RW-TB-009 TBAMB09 "A Christmas Collection" 1.00
RW-TB-010 TBAMB010 "Alice and Friends" 1.00
RW-TB-011 TBAMB011 "If you want to know the time, ask a policeman" 1.00
RW-TB-013 TBAMB013 "A Millennium Collection" 1.00
RW-TB-014 TBAMB014 "A Valentine Collection" 1.00
RW-TB-016 TBAMB016 "Golly 2000" 1.00
RW-TB-017 "Golly Gosh and Friends" 1.00
RW-TB-023 "Not Just Teddies" 1.00
RW-TB-024 "Blue Bears" 1.00
RW-TB-025 "Charlie's Last Card" 1.00

All cards are 100mm x 150mm unless otherwise stated.

Designed and published by Rosalind Wicks   1993 - 2005.


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