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printed and published by Noel Tatt Ltd.,

Below is listed 13 sets of exquisite collectors' postcards, produced to a high standard. Each set contains 6 postcard covering various subjects. We have only 1 set of each, however they are no longer in production and once sold we will not be able to replace them.
First come first served.

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PC-TATT-01 Postcards The Longest Day, World War II, Normandy, France Painted by Richard Ward ~ SOLD 7.50
PC-TATT-02 Postcards D-Day Landings Painted by Gordon Davies 7.50
PC-TATT-03 Pictures Military Aircraft 1 Painted by Gordon C Davies ~ SOLD 7.50
PC-TATT-04 Postcards Military Aircraft 2 Painted by Gordon Davies 7.50
PC-TATT-05 Pictures Aerobatic Aircraft Painted by Richard Ward ~ SOLD 7.50
PC-TATT-06 Postcards Vintage Sports Cars Painted by Gordon Davies 7.50
PC-TATT-07 Postcards Ships used in the South Atlantic Painted by Richard Ward ~ SOLD 7.50
PC-TATT-08 Postcards Steam Trains Painted by Gordon Davies 7.50
PC-TATT-09 Postcards Birds Painted by Ken Wood, S.W.L.A ~ SOLD 7.50
PC-TATT-10 Postcards Animals Painted by Per Lindstrom 7.50
PC-TATT-11 Postcards Birds Painted by Ronald Bevan ~ SOLD 5.00
PC-TATT-12 Postcards Flowers and Animals Painted by Rene Cloke 5.00
PC-TATT-13 Postcards Flowers Painted by Prunella Bibby 5.00

All cards are approximately 200mm x 100mm unless otherwise stated.

Printed and published by Noel Tatt Ltd., Lyminge, Kent

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