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The Main Bazaar. Crater. Aden Maala. The Wharf. Aden. The Bazaars St. Point, Aden.

Aden is a former British Army posting and has a good following in the UK for obvious reasons, also the cards are not uncommon over here.

Order No Publisher Grade £
Mr A. Abassi, V. Photographic Studio, Aden
PC-ADEN-001 001 The Main Bazaar. Crater. Aden 7. ~ SOLD B+ 4.50
PC-ADEN-002 002 Steamer Point. Aden. Viewed from the harbour showing the tower clock and secretariat building. 47. ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
Egyptian Cigarettes Factory, M. S. Lehem & Co., Aden.
PC-ADEN-025 Image Sheik Said Tomb, Aden. No. 3 Minor staining/foxing B- 1.50
PC-ADEN-026 Postcard Sheik Said Tomb, Aden. No. 3 Minor staining on surface ~ SOLD B- 1.50
PC-ADEN-027 Image Ras Boradli. Aden. No. 4 Edge fault due to poor album insertion ~ SOLD B- 1.50
PC-ADEN-028 Image Maala Load Camels and Cart. No. 8 Postally Used ~ SOLD C 15.00
PC-ADEN-029 Postcard Native fisherman, Aden. No. 11 (vert) ~ SOLD C+ 3.50
PC-ADEN-030 Picture Steamer Point I, Aden. No. 12 ~ SOLD B- 2.50
PC-ADEN-004 004 The Tanks, General View, Aden. No. 6 ~ SOLD B+ 2.00
PC-ADEN-005 005 The Crescent, Aden. No. 25. ~ SOLD B 2.00
PC-ADEN-031 Postcard The Crescent, Aden. No. 25. Faults ~ SOLD D+ 1.00
PC-ADEN-003 003 The Bazaars St. Point, Aden. No. 26. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-ADEN-011 Image Camel Riders, Aden. No. 27. Some separation of card layers at top left corner, priced accordingly ~ SOLD A- 2.00
PC-ADEN-032 Postcard Steamer Point (Barracks), Aden. No. 37 ~ SOLD C+ 2.00
PC-ADEN-006 006 Crater (Barracks), Aden. No. 38. ~ SOLD A 4.00
Hótel de l'Europe, I. Benghiat Son, Aden
PC-ADEN-033 Image Aden - On the Road to the Tanks A- 4.00
PC-ADEN-034 Image Aden - The Camel Market B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-035 Postcard Aden the Signal Staff (vert) ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-ADEN-012 Image Aden - View of Camel Market town ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-ADEN-036 Picture Aden Water Cart ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-037 Image Arabian Lady Donkey rider, Aden B 4.00
PC-ADEN-038 Image Arabian prayer Pale foxing on obverse B 4.00
PC-ADEN-039 Image Arab potter shop - Aden B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-040 Image Bullock and camel water carts - Aden B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-041 Image Caravan at rest Sheikh Othman - Aden No. 19. A- 5.00
PC-ADEN-042 Image Mallah, General View Rippled appearance on right due to poor quality card being used. Although the card appears creased on the face, there is no sign of it on reverse. C+ 2.00
PC-ADEN-043 Picture Signal staff - Aden ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-044 Image Singnal (sic) Staff - Aden Foxing on reverse, bends C+ 2.50
PC-ADEN-045 Image Somali chief - Aden (vert) B+ 5.00
PC-ADEN-046 Image 5006. Steamer Point - Aden B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-047 Postcard Steamer Point Landing Pier Aden Postally used ~ SOLD C+ 12.50
PC-ADEN-048 Image The Crescent B+ 2.50
PC-ADEN-049 Postcard The Residency Offices, Steamer Point, Aden ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-ADEN-050 Image Wood Camels - Steamer Point - Aden Postally Used C+ 10.00
M. Howard, Photographer
PC-ADEN-013 Image Main Pass, Aden. (Arabia) ~ SOLD B 3.00
PC-ADEN-007 007 Ships in Harbour, Aden ~ SOLD B- 3.00
Pallonjee, Dinshaw & Co., Aden
PC-ADEN-051 Image Aden. B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-052 Image Aden. B+ 3.50
PC-ADEN-053 Image Firewood Sellers, Aden. C+ 1.50
PC-ADEN-054 Image From Aden Harbour. C+ 2.00
PC-ADEN-055 Image The Residency Office, Aden. B+ 2.50
PC-ADEN-056 Picture The Tanks, Aden. ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-ADEN-057 Picture 3 B. I. Lines, Crater, Aden ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-ADEN-008 008 3 B. I. Lines, Crater, Aden ~ SOLD B- 2.50
PC-ADEN-014 Image 6 The Crater Bazaar, Aden ~ SOLD B- 3.50
PC-ADEN-015 Image 7 Up the Tanks, Aden ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-ADEN-009 009 11 The Maala Wharf, Aden ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-ADEN-016 Image 14 The Crescent, 1, Aden ~ SOLD B- 2.50
PC-ADEN-017 Image 16 The Signal Station, Aden ~ SOLD B- 2.50
PC-ADEN-018 Image 17 The Recreation Ground, Tawahi, Aden ~ SOLD B- 4.00
PC-ADEN-019 Image 18 The War Memorial, Prince of Wales Pier, Aden ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-ADEN-010 010 19 Post Office Bay, Aden Minor fault on reverse ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-ADEN-020 Image 20 The Sappers' Bay, Aden ~ SOLD B- 4.00
PC-ADEN-021 Image Maala Wharf and Aden Railway ~ SOLD B 6.00
PC-ADEN-022 Image No Caption A view of 4 ships, possibly in harbour ~ SOLD B- 2.50
PC-ADEN-023 Image No Caption Street Scene ~ SOLD B- 2.50

General Merchant S. M. Lehem, Aden

PC-ADEN-058 Image Native fisherman, Aden. No. 11 B+ 2.50

S. D. M.

PC-ADEN-059 Image

Aden Camel's Market

B+ 5.00

Unknown Publishers

PC-ADEN-060 Picture Aden Camp ~ SOLD A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-061 Postcard Aden Camp ~ SOLD A- 7.50
PC-ADEN-062 Picture Aden - General View ~ SOLD A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-063 Image Aden - General View B+ 7.50
PC-ADEN-064 Postcard E.G. Hospital ~ SOLD A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-065 Image Main Street Camp A- 7.50
PC-ADEN-066 Picture Regimental Barracks ~ SOLD A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-067 Image Steamerpoint A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-068 Image View of Aden & Camel Market A- 8.50
PC-ADEN-069 Image Camp. General View. Aden B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-070 Picture Flag Staff & Regimental Barracks. Steamer Point. Aden ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-071 Image Lahej. General View. Aden. B+ 4.00
PC-ADEN-072 Image Maala. General View. Aden. B- 2.00
PC-ADEN-073 Picture Maala. The Wharf. Aden. ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-ADEN-074 Picture Mermaid taken from Sea. Aden Faults ~ SOLD B- 1.00
PC-ADEN-075 Image Steamer Point. The Inner Harbour and Landing Pier. Aden. B- 2.00
PC-ADEN-076 Image Aden. Somali Boys. C 2.00
PC-ADEN-077 Image Main Street Camp B 2.50


PC-ADEN-024 Image 45 Old Aden. 7.45. Friday, 11th. June ~ SOLD A- 8.00

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated. Subject unsold. E&OE.

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