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Nunney Castle. 24804. Anchor Head, Weston-Super-Mare. 28. War Memorial, Weston-Super-Mare

Somerset is well collected being a large county.

Order No. Publisher Grade Price
Chapman & Sons, Dawlish
PC-SOMERSET-0004 Picture Gough's Cave, Cheddar (4516), Niagra Falls, Discovered A.D. 1893 (vert) Usual silvering on edges B 2.50
PC-SOMERSET-0005 Picture "Solomon's Temple" Gough's Cave. Cheddar 4521(vert) Usual silvering on edges B 2.50
PC-SOMERSET-0006 Picture Electricall (sic) Illuminated Gough's Cave. Cheddar 11034 Usual silvering on edges B+ 2.00
PC-SOMERSET-0007 Picture Prehistoric Man. Gough's Cave. Cheddar 13761 Usual silvering on edges B- 2.50
PC-SOMERSET-0008 Picture Temple Gateway. Gough's Cave, Cheddar 13765 Electrically Illuminated (vert) Usual silvering on edges B- 2.00
PC-SOMERSET-0009 Picture Electrically Illuminated Gough's Cave. Cheddar 14123 Usual silvering on edges Central bend & surface scratch B- 1.00
PC-SOMERSET-0002 Picture Anchor Head, Weston-Super-Mare. 28. B+ 2.50
PC-SOMERSET-0001 Picture Nunney Castle. 24804. ~ SOLD A- 4.00
PC-SOMERSET-0003 Picture War Memorial, Weston-Super-Mare B 4.00

All items are subject unsold and first come first served. E&OE>

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