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7. - Première Communion de Jeanne d'Arc 6. - Le Bûcher de Rouen 8. - Derière Communion de Jeanne d'Arc

All items are subject unsold and first come first served.

Order No. Publisher Grade Price £
A. Noyer, Paris
Basilique de Domremy
PC-PAINT-0001 Picture 1. - Jeanne d'Arc écoutant les voix B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0002 Picture  2. - La Reconnaissance du Roi, à Chinon B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0003 Picture 3. - Entrée à Orléans B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0004 Picture 4. - Bataille de Patay B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0005 Picture 5. - Le Sacre, à Reims B 2.50
PC-PAINT-0006 Picture 6. - Le Bûcher de Rouen B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0007 Picture 7. - Première Communion de Jeanne d'Arc B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0008 Picture 8. - Derière Communion de Jeanne d'Arc B+ 2.50
Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., Woodbury Series
PC-PAINT-0009 Picture 220. A Reverie. A- 1.50
PC-PAINT-0010 Picture 6102.Hylas and the Nymphs. B+ 2.50
PC-PAINT-0011 Picture 6415. An Encore too many. Odd spots of foxing on reverse B+ 2.00
PC-PAINT-0012 Picture 6421.Echo and Narcissus. B+ 2.50
Richard Brown, 35 Bold Street, Liverpool
PC-PAINT-0013 Picture 23359 Friday B 1.50
PC-PAINT-0014 Picture 24339 Eventide. B- 1.50
PC-PAINT-0015 Picture 24240 Saving the Guns, Maiwand  B 2.50
The Photochrom Co., Ltd., London and Tunbridge Wells.
PC-PAINT-0016 Picture 53. Dawn. A- 2.50
PC-PAINT-0017 Picture A Summer Night. A- 4.00
Valentines "Carbotype" Series
PC-PAINT-0018 Picture 46452 Dante and Beatrice B- 2.50



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