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Einklang  M. Milliere "Sommer"

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Order No. Publisher Grade Price £
München. Haus der Deutschen Kunst
Photo - Hoffmann, München, Friedrichstraße 34
PC-GLAMOUR-0001 Picture Artist - Ivo Saliger, Wien; Title - Einklang ; Card No. - HDK 319 A- 10.00
PC-GLAMOUR-0002 Picture Artist - Gisbert Palmié; Title - Die Korallenkette; Card No. - HDK 482 (vert) B- 8.00
PC-GLAMOUR-0003 Picture Artist - Ernst Zoberbier; Title - "Sommer"; Card No. - HDK 532 B 8.00
Friedrich Franz Bauer G.m.b.H., Berlin SW 68
PC-GLAMOUR-0004 Picture This postcard has the following text on the reverse:
Ausftellung Deutfche kunftler und die SS Oskar Martin Amorbach, Im Ateller Nr A2882 Herausgegeben im Auftrag: "Der Reichsfuhrer - SS. SS - Hauptampt Berlin M/1293 h 0
B+ 10.00
James Henderson & Sons, Ltd., London.
"In Hoops and Furbelows." Series G4 
PC-GLAMOUR-0005 Picture No. 2671 "There was a soft and pensive grace, A cast of thought upon her face." (vert) Scott B+ 8.00
PC-GLAMOUR-0006 Picture No. 2672. "Child of Summer, lovely rose, In thee what blushing beauty grows." (vert) Waller B+ 8.00
PC-GLAMOUR-0007 Picture No. 2673. "Her grace of motion and of look, the smooth And swimming majesty of step and tread." (vert) Milman. B+ 8.00
R. & Cie, Imp. Edit., 21, Rue Joubert, Paris
PC-GLAMOUR-0008 Picture No 5 - Série 30 Profils parisiens B+ 16.00

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