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Rough Sea London

Jotter postcards published by Max Ettlinger - The "Royal" Series


The "Oilograph" Series Grade


4257-1 Cadgwith Cornwall ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4257-2 Coverack, Cornwall, p.u. ~ SOLD B 2.50
4257-3 High Tide at Whitby. ~ SOLD B 2.50
4257-4 Off the Cornish Coast. ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4257-5 No caption ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4257-6 No caption, (vert) p.u. B 2.50
4258-1 The Byward Tower, Tower of London. (vert) Rounded corners p.u. C+ 2.00
4258-2 The Guild Hall, London. (vert) B+ 2.50
4258-3 The Houses of Parliament London ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4258-4 The Tower Bridge London ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4258-5 No caption (sail boat with red and yellow sky) (vert) ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
4258B-1 Buckingham Palace, from St Jame's Park, London. ~ SOLD B 2.50
4258B-2 St. George's, Hanover Square, London. (vert) B 2.50
4258B-3 St. Paul's, London, from the Thames. (vert) ~ SOLD C+ 2.00
4258B-4 The Horse Guards London. B+ 2.50
4258B-5 The Tower of London, from the Thames. B 2.50
4258B-6 Trafalgar Square, London. (vert) B+ 2.50


Description -


5258-1 A Joyous Christmas in gold (vert) Advertisement in red on reverse  ~ SOLD C+ 6.00
5259-1 A Bright & Happy Christmas in red (vert) ~ SOLD B 7.50
5259-2 Christmas Greetings in red, (vert) p.u. ~ SOLD B 7.50
88401 Shakespear's House Stratford-on-Avon. ~ SOLD C+ 2.00

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated.


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