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Bray Head, Co. Wicklow Navajo Chief of Arizona. On the Arun, Surrey.

Hildesheimer were one of the early publishing firms to take advantage of the boom in postcards.

Order Code




No. 5186
PC-HILDES-0001 Picture Glen Shiel. Ross shire by E. Longstaffe B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0035 Picture Kilchurn Castle Loch Awe by E. Longstaffe B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0036 Picture Loch Lomond by E. Longstaffe. Some wrinkling on obverse B 2.00
PC-HILDES-0002 Picture On the Lochay Trossachs by E. Longstaffe B+ 2.50
No. 5189
PC-HILDES-0037 Picture Ellen's Isle Loch Katrine. by E. Longstaffe B+ 2.50
No. 5229
PC-HILDES-0038 Picture Cloane Lake, Glencar. by E. Longstaffe B- 2.00
No. 5231
PC-HILDES-0003 Picture Cromwell's Bridge, Glengarith. by E. Longstaffe B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0039 Picture In Glencar. by E. Longstaffe B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0004 Picture Lake Coomashach, Glenleigh. by E. Longstaffe B 2.50
No. 5288
PC-HILDES-0060 Picture Replenishing B- 4.50
PC-HILDES-0062 Picture Strensham B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0061 Picture Twilight B 2.00
No. 5311
PC-HILDES-0040 Picture Ben Lomond B 2.00
PC-HILDES-0041 Picture Leny Falls, Callander. B 2.00
PC-HILDES-0042 Picture Loch Lomond from Luss B 2.50
No. 5337
Picture Ballinahinch, Connemara B+
Picture Bray Head, Co. Wicklow (vert) B+
Picture Glendalough, Connemara B+
Picture Glendalough, Co. Wicklow B+
Picture McGillicuddy Reeks, Co. Kerry (vert) B
Picture The Scalp, Enniskerry B+
HILDES-SET-01 Picture Set of six cards No. 5337 B/B+ 22.00
No. 5341
PC-HILDES-0005 Picture Lough Doo, Co. Galway B+ 2.50
Thames' View Series No. 5353.
PC-HILDES-0006 Picture Goring Church B 2.50
Ruined Abbeys. Series 5366
PC-HILDES-0043 Picture Bolton Abbey ~ SOLD B 2.00
PC-HILDES-0044 Picture Fountains Abbey ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0045 Picture Kirkshall Abbey ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0046 Picture Melrose Abbey ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0047 Picture Tintern Abbey ~ SOLD B- 2.00
On The Severn. Series No. 5397
PC-HILDES-0007 Picture Doward Hill, Monmouth B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0008 Picture Stagboro' Hill, Stourport B 2.50
Surrey Views. Series No. 5398
PC-HILDES-0009 Picture On the Arun, Surrey. (vert) B 2.50
Surrey Views. Series No. 5399
PC-HILDES-0010 Picture Arundel Castle, Sussex. B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0011 Picture Chanctonbury Ring, South Downs. B+ 2.50
Sussex Views. Series No. 5402
PC-HILDES-0012 Picture "Black Rabbit" Inn. Arundel B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0013 Picture River Meadows, Arundel. B+ 2.50
Dorsetshire Views. Series No. 5411.
PC-HILDES-0014 Picture West Mill near Corfe Castle. (vert) ~ SOLD C+ 1.50
On The Severn Series No. 5416
PC-HILDES-0015 Picture Buildwas Abbey, Salop. B+ 2.50
PC-HILDES-0016 Picture Buildwas Abbey, Salop. B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0017 Picture No Caption (vert) B- 2.00
Gems of Gloucestershire. Series No. 5424
PC-HILDES-0018 Picture Chedworth, Glo'stershire (vert) ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
North American Indians. Series No. 5431
PC-HILDES-0019 Picture Navajo Chief of Arizona. p.u. (vert) C+ 10.00
Worcester. Series No. 5448.
PC-HILDES-0062 Picture Strensham p.u. B 2.50
Fisherfolk. Series No. 5451
Picture A Morning Muster ~ SOLD B
Picture Fisherwomen ~ SOLD B
Picture Just off ~ SOLD B
Picture Quite Fresh ~ SOLD B
Picture Ready for Sale ~ SOLD B+
Picture Selling by Auction ~ SOLD B+
HILDES-SET-02 Picture Set of six cards No. 5451 ~ SOLD B/B+ 24.00
Scottish Lochs and Glens. Series No. 5452.
PC-HILDES-0020 Picture Ben Vreich. (vert) B 2.00
PC-HILDES-0021 Picture Glen Nevis B- 2.00
PC-HILDES-0022 Picture Loch Leven. B 2.50
PC-HILDES-0023 Picture Loch Treig. B- 2.50
PC-HILDES-0024 Picture Rannoch Moor. B 2.50
Isle of Man Series No. 5454. 
PC-HILDES-0025 Picture Bradda Head, I. of Man (vert) B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0026 Picture Castle Rushen, Castletown. I. of Man. (vert) B- 4.00
PC-HILDES-0027 Picture Groudle Glen. I. of Man. (vert) B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0028 Picture Sulby Glen, I. of Man. B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0029 Picture Sugar-loaf Rock Port St Mary I. of Man. (vert) C+ 2.50
North Kent View Series No. 5458 "Fac-Simile" Series
PC-HILDES-0031 Picture Dartford Church. N. Kent by R. Gallon (vert) B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0032 Picture Erith Church, N. Kent. by R. Gallon B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0033 Picture Greenwich N. Kent by R. Gallon ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-HILDES-0034 Picture Rl. Artillery Barracks, Crimean Memorial Woolwich. N. Kent. by R. Gallon Very slight bend at bottom centre B- 2.50
View of Cheshire Series No. 5468.
PC-HILDES-0030 Picture Near Pickmere, Cheshire Couple of indentations on obverse (vert) B- 2.00

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated. Subject Unsold. E&OE.


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