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Mark Pacan 8 Mark Pacan 73 Mark Pacan 75

Mark Pacan was born in November of 1958 in Irthlingborough, a small town in Northamptonshire, England. Early efforts at drawing and painting led to a degree in graphic design from the City of Birmingham College of Art & Design. Running parallel with Mark's desire to be an artist was his love for hot air balloons. Mark was captivated by the colours, the sense of freedom and the hint of magic after spending a happy afternoon chasing these magnificent 'ships of the air' across the local countryside at the age of fifteen. Ten years later in 1984, there was a turning point in Mark's life as his two loves finally became one. Mark introduced balloons into his paintings and soon devoted whole canvases to them. Mark had found his means of expression.

Order No



PACAN-001 "I'm forever blowing .... balloons?" 8.00
PACAN-002 All Good Children 1.00
PACAN-003 New Worlds 1.00
PACAN-004 Bouncy Castle 1.00
PACAN-005 Fly like a Butterfly 1.00
PACAN-006 Balloon and Jaguar Fiesta, Penshurst Place, Kent, England. BUY
PACAN-007 Black Horse Ballooning Club NO LONGER AVAILABLE BUY
PACAN-008 "G-Pine" BUY
PACAN-009 "G-Bnau" 2.50
PACAN-010 "G-Gobt and G-Twey" 1.00
PACAN-011 "The 10th Anniversary" 1.00
PACAN-012 Flight into a Springtime Fantasy 1.00
PACAN-013 Reach for the Sky 1.00
PACAN-014 Star Spangled Balloons 1.00
PACAN-015 Paint-pot and Pint-pot 1.00
PACAN-016 Snowbow 1.00
PACAN-017 All Around the World 1.00
PACAN-018 A Parallel Bristol 1.00
PACAN-019 Giles versus Tyrannosaurus Rex 1.00
PACAN-020 Ballooning over the Rockies 1.00
PACAN-021 The Female Pillows 1.00
PACAN-022 The Male Bed 1.00
PACAN-023 Natasha 1.00
PACAN-024 Rainbowloons 1.00
PACAN-025 Noah's Butterfly 1.00
PACAN-026 The Wizard 5.00
PACAN-027 Albuquirky Shapes 1.00
PACAN-028 Balloons & Umbrellas 1.00
PACAN-029 The Great Bear 1.00
PACAN-030 Red, White and Balloons 1.00
PACAN-031 Beauty and the Beast 1.00
PACAN-032 Albuquirky Shapes Special Edition 9.50
PACAN-033 Albuquerque Snow 1.00
PACAN-034 Above the clouds 1.00
PACAN-035 Noah's Blimp 1.00
PACAN-036 A Fresian Slip 1.00
PACAN-037 Flying High 1.00
PACAN-038 Li'l Buck 1.00
PACAN-039 Miss Penny 1.00
PACAN-040 Mr Winter's Winterland 2.50
PACAN-041 Miss Autumn and the Magic Pump 1.00
PACAN-042 Morning Ascent 1.00
PACAN-043 At last the Balloons (Northampton) 1.00
PACAN-044 A New Beginning 1.00
PACAN-045 Rodeo Glowdeo Special Edition 7.50
PACAN-046 Yuk! 7.50
PACAN-047 The Yellow Submarine 1.00
PACAN-048 Rain Beau Loons 1.00
PACAN-049 Snow and Dumplings 1.00
PACAN-050 Champion! 1.00
PACAN-051 Hey, Look! 1.00
PACAN-052 Somewhere, Under The Rainbow 1.00
PACAN-053 'Golconda' After Magritte 1.00
PACAN-054 Bristol Mass Ascent 7.50
PACAN-055 A Dutch Ladybird 1.00
PACAN-056 The Albuquerque Box Special Edition 1.00
PACAN-057 Close Encounters Of The 9th Kind Special Edition 1.00
PACAN-058 A Big Impression 1.00
PACAN-059 Our Little Darlings 1.00
PACAN-060 Canada In Springtime 1.00
PACAN-061 There Was An Old Woman... 1.00
PACAN-062 Basking In The Reflected Glory 1.00
PACAN-063 An Alpine Adventure 1.00
PACAN-064 Vision Special Edition 1.00
PACAN-065 Gee! Pat's Bubbles 1.00
PACAN-066 Who could miss Miss Daisy? 7.50
PACAN-067 A Breath of Fresh Air 1.00
PACAN-068 Coldseal 3.00
PACAN-069 Born Free 9.50
PACAN-070 Springtime 5.00
PACAN-071 Illusion Special 1.00
PACAN-072 The Dream Fulfilled 1.00
PACAN-073 The History Of Ballooning 1783-2000 1.00
PACAN-074 "Grande-Bretagne" 1.00
PACAN-075 The Lunardi Stone 1.00
PACAN-076 The Millennium Banquet Special Edition 1.00
PACAN-077 2001 ~ A Shapes Odyssey Special Edition 1.00

All cards are 100mm x 150mm unless otherwise stated.

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