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Nude in Bikini Winky Girl Nude in Night-Gown

We have a limited number of 3-D postcards available.

Order No Publisher  Price £
3-D Card Kowa display co., Inc.© Tokyo Printed  by Toppan, Japan
PC-3D-0003 Postcard Nikko-Yõmeimon 4.00
Copyright Hotel Bazaars Ltd., Malta
PC-HBM1 Postcard Triton Fountain Kingsgate Valletta 4.00
TOPPAN® Asashi Kigyo Co.
PC-A-16 Postcard No caption Two traditionally dressed Japanese ladies in a garden 4.00
PC-PK256 Postcard Nude in Bikini 2.50
PC-PK257 Postcard Nude in Night-Gown 2.50
PC-PK267 Postcard Kneeling on Chair 2.50
PC-T-04y9 Postcard Winky Girl 2.50
TOPPAN® ©Wonder Co., Tokyo Pat591219 Made in Japan
PC-SSP-278 Postcard No caption Four red roses 2.50
PC-3D-0001 Postcard No caption Winking woman holding wine glass 4.00
PC-3D-0002 Postcard No caption. Winking woman in Santa outfit 4.00
© Wonder Co., Tokyo Pat591219 Made in Japan
PC-SSP-263 Postcard No caption Vase of colourful flowers 3.50
PC-SSP-287 Postcard No caption Winking woman holding a flute 4.00
PC-SSP-368 Postcard No caption Desert scene with man leading four camels 4.00
PC-SSP-402 Postcard No caption Winking woman in wedding dress 4.00
PC-SSP-428 Postcard No caption Two children gazing at sunset from a harbour 4.00



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