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KÝbenhavn. BÝrsen KŲbenhavn Gefionspringvandet KÝbenhavn. Det kgl. Teater

Denmark is not one of the major Scandinavian countries we get asked for, but there is a steady collector base in the UK. The demand does go up in the tourist season, when people are looking for old cards to remind them of their holidays.

Order No Publisher Grade £
Alex. Vincents Kunstforlag. Eneret.
 PC-DENMARK-0001 Image KÝbenhavn. Raadhuest set fra Tivoli No. 15 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0002 Image KÝbenhavn. Rheden No. 28 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0003 Image KÝbenhavn. Langelinie. No. 124 B+ 2.50
Ed.F. Ph. Eneret.
 PC-DENMARK-0004 Image KŲbenhavn Thorvaldsens Musoeum 2305 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0005 Image KŲbenhavn Dronning Louises Bro. 2306 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0006 Image KŲbenhavn Gefionspringvandet 2308 B- 2.00
 PC-DENMARK-0007 Image KŲbenhavn Parti fra Langelinie 2311 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0008 Image KŲbenhavn Parti fra Langelinie 2313 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0009 Image Klampenborg HvidŲre 2316 B 2.50
 PC-DENMARK-0010 Image KÝbenhavn. BÝrsen 2331 B 2.50
PC- DENMARK-0011 Image KÝbenhavn. Det kgl. Teater 6759 B 2.50
PC- DENMARK-0012 Image KÝbenhavn. Amalienborg med Haven 6752 B 2.50
PC- DENMARK-0013 Image KÝbenhavn. Rosenborg Slot 6754 B 2.50
PC- DENMARK-0014 Image KÝbenhavn. Hotel d'Angleterre 6764 B 2.50



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