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Memorial old Telegraph office, Delhi. Old Fort, Delhi. Safdarjang Tomb Delhi.


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Grade Price

H. A. Mirza & Sons, Dehli.

PC-INDIA-0001 Picture Old Magazine, Delhi. Memorial of Mutiny 1857 A. D. - 19 B 2.50
PC-INDIA-0002 Picture Postcard Memorial old Telegraph office, Delhi. It is a mutiny 1857 A. D. Memorial and unveiled by Lord Curzon on 19th April 1902 A. D. - 20 ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-INDIA-0003 Picture Alaudin Gate, Delhi. Built by Alaudin Khilji in 1310 A. D. - 24 B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0004 Picture Kali or Kalan Masjid, Delhi. Built during the reign of second Pathaus in 1386 A. D. - 76 B 2.50
PC-INDIA-0008 Picture Postcard Clock tower chandni Chowk, Delhi. 3 ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0009 Picture The Throne of Dewan Am, in Fort Delhi. 7 B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0010 Picture The Peral Mosque in Fort Delhi. 13 (vert) B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0011 Picture The Peral Mosque, out-side, in Fort Delhi. 14 B 2.00
PC-INDIA-0012 Picture A General View, Tombs of Sultan Nizamuddin Aulia and Jahanara Begum, Delhi. 22 B 2.50
Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Excelsior" Postcard. DELHI.
M. L. Shugan Chand, Indian Art Museum, Delhi.
PC-INDIA-0013 Picture Emperor Humayon's Tomb, Delhi. B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0014 Picture Interior, Demankhas, Fort Delhi. B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0015 Picture Juma Masjid, Delhi. B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0016 Picture Kutab Minar, Delhi. (vert) B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0017 Picture Lahori Gate, Fort Delhi. B+ 2.50
PC-INDIA-0005 Picture Old Fort, Delhi.
Repaired by the Emperor Humayon in 1540 A.D. According to tradition founded by Pandav King, about 1450 A. D.
B- 3.50
PC-INDIA-0006 Picture Safdarjang Tomb Delhi.
He was minister to the Emperor Ahmed Shah. Completed by his son Shuja-Ud Doula in 1753 A. D.
B 4.00
PC-INDIA-0007 Picture The King's Bath, Fort Delhi.
Built by the Emperor Shahjahan between 1638 - 1648 A. D.
B 3.00

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated.

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