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Burmese Village Poay. Burmese Zat Poay. Group of Burmese Cheroot Makers at Work.

Burma has an interesting history and this is reflected well in the postcards produced there. Prior to the 1st of April 1937 Burma was a province of the Indian government, then it came under British administration.

Order No


Grade Price
D. A. Ahuja, Rangoon.
PC-BURMA-0001 Picture Burmese Beauty. No. 18 (vert) ~ SOLD B 4.00
PC-BURMA-0002 Picture A Burmese Village Scene. No. 22 ~ SOLD B+ 3.00
PC-BURMA-0003 Picture Burmese Festival Cart. No. 23. ~ SOLD B+ 3.00
PC-BURMA-0030 Picture Burmese Zat Poay. No. 30 Some wear of card surface on reverse ~ SOLD B 2.00
PC-BURMA-0004 Picture Entrance, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rangoon. No. 49 ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-BURMA-0031 Picture The Watch Tower and the Palace Grounds - Mandalay No. 129 ~ SOLD B- 2.00
PC-BURMA-0032 Picture Kuthodaw (716) Pagodas from the Hill - Mandaly No. 133 ~ SOLD B- 2.00
PC-BURMA-0033 Picture Street Scene - Mandalay No. 134 ~ SOLD C 2.00
PC-BURMA-0034 Picture The Incomparable Pagoda - Mandalay. No. 136. Bend top right C+ 2.00
PC-BURMA-0035 Picture Queen's Golden Kyoung - Mandaly. No. 138 B+ 2.00


Picture The Twasoe Pagoda - Pagan. No. 142 Bend top left ~ SOLD C+ 2.00
PC-BURMA-0037 Picture Bell Pagoda - Bhamo. No. 149 B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0038 Picture Ananda Temple at Pagan. No. 267 ~ SOLD B- 2.00
PC-BURMA-0039 Picture Entrance Kuthodaw Pagoda - Mandalay. No. 298 ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-BURMA-0040 Picture Koung Mu Gui Pagoda - Sagaing No. 307a. Foxing (vert) B 2.00
PC-BURMA-0041 Picture Shw Yin Na Pagoda - Mandalay No. 351 (vert) B 2.50
PC-BURMA-0042 Picture Shwerigin Pagoda, Pagan No. 385 Foxing ~ SOLD B+ 2.00
PC-BURMA-0043 Picture Maymyo Secretariat, Maymyo No. 471. ~ SOLD C+ 2.00
PC-BURMA-0044 Picture Kyauktaw Gyi (one piece of marble) Mandalay No. 464 Bend at top left (vert) C+ 1.50
Printed by Sir Joseph Causton & Sons, Ltd., London (Copyright)
PC-BURMA-0005 Picture A Mandalay Belle, Burma - A1 (vert) ~ SOLD A- 2.50
PC-BURMA-0006 Picture Irrawaddy Backwater, Mandalay, Burma. - A3 A- 2.50
PC-BURMA-0007 Picture Afternoon Tea on the Canal, Mandalay, Burma. - A4 A- 2.50
PC-BURMA-0045 Picture Afternoon Tea on the Canal, Mandalay, Burma. - A4 B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0008 Picture Old Gate, Pagan, Burma. - A6 Odd foxing on reverse ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0046 Picture

Mandalay Palace Moat, and Wall, Burma. (Mandalay Hill in the background) B4 Pinhole at top of card, surface scratches by signature

B- 1.00
PC-BURMA-0047 Picture

Worshippers at Pagan, Burma. B6

A- 2.50

P. Klier, Rangoon Undivided Backs

PC-BURMA-0009 Picture Multi-view, 2 views, Palace, Mandalay, East View, Mandalay Slight discolouration on circle vignette area ~ SOLD B+ 9.50
PC-BURMA-0010 Picture Burmese Zat Poay. ~ SOLD B+ 10.00
PC-BURMA-0011 Picture East Gate - Mandalay. ~ SOLD B- 6.00
PC-BURMA-0012 Picture East view from Mandalay Hill. ~ SOLD B+ 6.00
PC-BURMA-0013 Picture Shwe Yin Goung Pagoda - Thayetmyo. ~ SOLD B+ 7.00
PC-BURMA-0014 Picture Watch Tower - Mandalay Palace. ~ SOLD B+ 6.00
PC-BURMA-0015 Picture Burmese Village Poay. ~ SOLD B- 7.50
P. Klier, Rangoon Divided Backs
PC-BURMA-0016 Picture Sul Pagoda, Rangoon. (vert) ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-BURMA-0017 Picture Shrine on Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-BURMA-0018 Picture Shrine on Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-BURMA-0019 Picture Scene on Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-BURMA-0020 Picture Scene on Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-BURMA-0021 Picture Scene on Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
PC-BURMA-0022 Picture Shw Dagn Pagoda Rangoon. (vert) ~ SOLD B+ 5.00
Raphael Tuck & Sons' "OILETTE" "Wide - Wide - World"
Burmah. Series 7238
PC-BURMA-0048 Picture Ananda Pagoda. Pagan, Burmah. ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0049 Picture The Golden Kyoung, Mandalay, Burmah. ~ SOLD C+ 1.50
PC-BURMA-0050 Picture The Incomparable Pagoda, Mandalay, Burmah. ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0051 Picture The Queen's Golden Kyoung, Mandalay, Burmah. ~ SOLD B+ 2.50
PC-BURMA-0052 Picture The 450 Pagodas, containing the tables of the law, Mandalay, Burmah. ~ SOLD B- 2.00
Unknown Publishers
PC-BURMA-0053 Picture A Typical Burmese Girl B- 3.50
PC-BURMA-0023 Picture Carved Stern of a Burmese boat. ~ SOLD A- 6.00
PC-BURMA-0024 Picture Group of Burmese Cheroot Makers at Work. ~ SOLD B 8.00
PC-BURMA-0025 Picture Rangoon. River Scene ~ SOLD B 6.00
PC-BURMA-0026 Picture Reclining Budda at Wingaba Rangoon ~ SOLD B 4.00
Watts & Skeen
PC-BURMA-0027 Picture Elephants working timber, Rangoon. ~ SOLD A- 5.00
PC-BURMA-0028 Picture The Royal Lakes, Rangoon. ~ SOLD A- 4.50
S. H. Yamada & Co., Rangoon.
PC-BURMA-0029 Picture Burmese Weaving Cloths. Cut down ~ SOLD B- 2.50

All cards are unused unless otherwise stated.

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