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Dancing Girls, Sierra Leone. Fruit Seller. Sierra Leone. Kissy Street, Freetown

We have quite a few cards of Sierra Leone but rarely get asked for them at postcard fairs except for when we attend the larger shows.

Order No Publisher Grade
The Jumbo Studio, Freetown.
PC-SLEONE-0018 Image Native Hut, Sierra Leone Protectorate ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-SLEONE-0019 Image St George's Cathedral, Freetown Odd surface scratches B 3.50

Levy Fils Et Cie. Paris

PC-SLEONE-0001 Image Sierra Leone. - Freetown. Possibly Cut Down, Priced accordingly ~ SOLD B 2.50
PC-SLEONE-0002 Image Sierra Leone. - Freetown. Possibly Cut Down, Priced accordingly I  ~ SOLD B 2.50
Levy Fils Et Cie. Paris No publisher stated on card
PC-SLEONE-0003 Image Sierra Leone. - Freetown - Oxford Street B- 6.00
PC-SLEONE-0004 Image Sierra Leone. - Freetown - Rawton Street B 6.00
PC-SLEONE-0005 Image Sierra Leone. - Freetown - View of Tower Hill ~ SOLD B- 4.00
Lisk-Carew Brothers, Photo., Freetown
PC-SLEONE-0006 Image Bird's-eye view of Freetown B 4.00
PC-SLEONE-0007 Image Dancing Girls, Sierra Leone. ~ SOLD B 8.00
PC-SLEONE-0008 Image Fourah Bay Road, Freetown B- 4.00
PC-SLEONE-0009 Image Kissy Street, Freetown SOLD B 6.00
PC-SLEONE-0017 Image Nicol's Bridge, Freetown, Sierra Leone ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-SLEONE-0010 Image Post Office, Freetown. ~ SOLD B- 8.00
PC-SLEONE-0011 Image The Harbour, Freetown B- 5.00
PC-SLEONE-0012 Image Tower Hill Barracks, Freetown B- 8.00
L-C Bros. Photographic Sepia
PC-SLEONE-0013 Image Bird's-eye view City and Harbour, Freetown B 4.00
PC-SLEONE-0014 Image Fruit Seller. Sierra Leone. (vert.) ~ SOLD B+ 4.00
PC-SLEONE-0015 Image Gloucester Street. The General Post Office situated on the right, Freetown, Sierra Leone B 6.00
PC-SLEONE-0016 Image The Street Corner Stand Pipe, Freetown SOLD B 6.00



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